Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your Daily Dose of Webcomics

Comics is always the lighter visual literary, though it is more explicit in its strength and freedom. Since the use of online publishing through blogging, online comics crawled its way to a more accessible form of entertainment, self-expression and art. Around 5 years or more, I've collected a few url's that I regularly check for inspiration and entertainment. The top 3 on the list have have earned a tattoo in my butt for inspiring me in my daily grind. lol.

QuestionableContent - started in 2003 and until now it's still rolling! I've seen the transformation of Jeph Jacques' drawing style. I regret Faye and Marten didn't became a 'thing' but Dora was just perfect for him although they've split up. I think Pintsize was the inspiration to the Android icon and Hannelore will always be my inspiration.

Wulffmorgenthaler - blunt, sometimes blasphemous and very witty weekly comic strip created by  Mikael Wulff  and  Anders Morgenthaler. I looooveee Wulffmorgenthaler!  

Natalie Dee - stick illustrations and anecdotes of life. Natalie Dee can be sarcastic and funny. Her comic stories are random references from her own life. She and husband Drew Dee created another webcomic called Marriedtothesea.

The Oatmeal - created by Matthew Inman in 2009, the sole author and illustrator of The Oatmeal is a home based artist and entrepreneur. It has gained much popularity because of it's mockery to social trend, technology and while most people can relate to topics about what we always rant about life.

xkcd - stick figures like Natalie Dee's but not as colorful. It's doodles and statements of love and life.

Another list of 20 best webcomics can be found here.



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